In late summer 2003 I was looking for a cool place to travel too and to escape the heat in Israel.
A friend of mine was sugesting Estonia as a destination.
I made e-mail contact with a cyber friend from the PhotoForum site: Mr. Peeter Vissak an he wrote me in reply that if I'll come he will
do the trip with me.
Peeter prepare a route and made some reservations for us. He picked me up from the Tallinn airport and we went together for a ride
on his 1987 Toyota Corolaacross Estonia roads ( part of them are dirt roads ).
This is the place to thank Peeter for his excelent hospitability.
Some words about the country: Tallinn the capital has a very beautiful and pleasant medieval old city.
There are some smaller nice cities like Tartu, Parnu and Hapsalu. The landscapes are not impressive at all.  Peeter say that Estonia's
beauty is hidden in  the details.
One interesting kind of landscape special to Estonia: The bogs.

See the images: